Often, email service providers like Yahoo, Google, Hotmail and others suspend individual and business email accounts due to spamming.

Spam mail also known as junk mails are unsolicited emails sent out in large quantities to emails addresses belonging to people who have never asked for, or to non-existent email accounts created using common names and domains.

When an email account is suspended, it implies that the account will no longer be accessible to the owner and the account may be blacklisted by the emails service provider. Also, you may be unable to log into your account and won’t be able to send emails until the issue is completely resolved.

Recent studies have shown that most spamming emails are usually sent out using spamming scripts which are PHP files that are created to send out spam emails automatically.

Most times, the recipient may be a person who must have signed up for a newsletter using their email, other times the person must even have forgotten about the newsletter and then report the sender’s email after receiving the spam messages.

However, the major problem is that email list gets older, and lose about 20% of valid email each year and email service providers (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and others) do not even care about how businesses collect data or their intention of collecting such data, they only check bounce rate and by default, assume you are a spammer.

Already, platforms like MailChimp currently makes use of a system called Omnivore to implement intelligence on email addresses. Using this new tool, MailChimp was able to send out 50,000 warnings and also shut down 45,905 accounts will malicious contents in 2011 alone.

They may rely on the fact that the contents on those accounts where malicious. Meanwhile, most of them are just companies sending to their lists and not using best practices.

“Clean your database 
before you press the send button 
and send your email campaign”

However, as a marketer, if you need a service that can help you manage your email list and ensure that your account is not on a high risk to be suspended, then give Fideljet a try, which is an email marketing software that provides a powerful, easy and efficient platform to retain and communicate with your customers, and most of important feature, is that your email list are verified before you send your email campaign.

Fideljet gives you the most practical tools you need to manage your customer database, create your newsletter and track you campaigns, it’s also provide SMS Marketing channel.

Fideljet provides an integrated process to clean your email list before you send an email campaign, by default. All emails are cleaned, and you only send to valid email this process removes all the bounce and bad email which accurate up to 95%, and give you more chance to reach you customer inbox. And as a marketing tool, it also have a great deal of intelligence built-in, such as bounce handling, and automatic suppression lists which can protect your reputation by preventing redelivery to failed or complaining addresses.