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$ 7.88 / month
Billed annually
  • Email Marketing
  • Email verification
  • Email Designer
  • Autoresponders
  • Subscription Forms
  • SMS Marketing
  • Extended Logs
  • API Access
  • Analytics

Best SMS Pricing

Where do your customers live?

Country Code Price
Belgium +32 0.04 USD / SMS
Canada +1 0.03 USD / SMS
France +33 0.06 USD / SMS
Germany +49 0.09 USD / SMS
Italy +39 0.06 USD / SMS
Ivory Coast +225 0.05 USD / SMS
Morocco +212 0.04 USD / SMS
Netherlands +31 0.09 USD / SMS
Senegal +221 0.07 USD / SMS
Spain +34 0.04 USD / SMS
Tunisie +216 0.06 USD / SMS
United kingdom +44 0.04 USD / SMS
United States +1 0.02 USD / SMS

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Loyalty program

Manage your loyalty program painlessly.

  • 3.000 Subscribers / POS
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Automation
  • Loyalty program
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Store Application
  • Rewards management
  • Analytics


  • Manage your own loyalty program
  • Up to 3.000 Subscribers / Store
  • 9.000 emails / month
  • Professional features

$20/POS Per Month


Billed annually: USD 240.00 / POS

Displayed prices are billed annually

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need my credit card to register ?

No. All you have to do is create your account and you can get started from there.

Which plan suits me the most?

It all depends on your sending frequency and you customer database. You can always change you plan anytime.

Do I need to be tech savvy to use the platform?

No. Fideljet was built to help everyone succeed with their marketing efforts. The platform is easy to navigate and very user-friendly. We’re always here to assist.

How does SMS sending work?

You’ll purchase credits which are translated into SMS inside the platform. 1 credit equals one SMS.

How do I pay for Fideljet?

All payments are processed via credit card or bank transfer. Once you begin using the full power of Fideljet your subscription will start the day of the first payment and is renewed the same day of the following month. Email and SMS credits are billed at the time of purchase. You’ll have access to all your invoices inside of your account.

How does the loyalty program work?

The loyalty program is a tool that allows business to manage their loyalty program in flawless manner using a table, mobile app as well as physical or virtual loyalty cards. Interested in a loyalty program? Contact us at [email protected] to activate your accoun

Don’t see your answer above?

Contact us on [email protected] and or via the chat window on the right and we will answer all your questions as soon as we can.