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  • Email Marketing
  • Vérification des emails
  • Email Designer
  • Autoresponders
  • Subscription Forms
  • SMS Marketing
  • Extended Logs
  • API Access
  • Analytiques



Country Code Price
Morocco +212 0.4 MAD / SMS
Netherlands +31 0.87 MAD / SMS
Senegal +221 0.73 MAD / SMS
Spain +34 0.44 MAD / SMS
Netherlands +31 0.87 MAD / SMS
Tunisia +216 0.64 MAD / SMS
United kingdom +44 0.41 MAD / SMS
United States +1 0.23 MAD / SMS
Country Code Price
Belgium +32 0.41 MAD / SMS
Canada +1 0.26 MAD / SMS
France +33 0.6 MAD / SMS
Germany +49 0.91 MAD / SMS
Netherlands +31 0.87 MAD / SMS
Italy +39 0.58 MAD / SMS
Ivory Coast +225 0.47 MAD / SMS

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Programme de fidélité

Gérer un programme de fidélité avec simplicité.

  • 3.000 Subscribers / POS
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Automatisation
  • Fidélisation
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Store Application
  • Rewards management
  • Analytiques

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  • Gérez votre propre programme de fidélité
  • Jusqu’à 3.000 Subscribers / Magasin
  • 9.000 emails / mois
  • Caractéristiques professionnelles

MAD 200/mois


Facturé annuellement: MAD 2400.00

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need my credit card to register ?

No. You only need to fill in your personal details and you can open your account.

Which plan suits me the most?

it depends on your sending frequency and your customer database, you have the possibility to change the plan at any time.

Do I need specific knowledge?

Fideljet is developed with an intuitive approach, easy to use and for everyone. If necessary, you will find a developed documentation, and we are here to assist you at any time.

How does it work for SMS sending?

You feed your account with the necessary credit, then you consume it with each SMS sent. The prices vary depending on the country.

How can I pay?

Payments are by credit card, or bank transfer. The subscription starts on the day of payment and is renewed the same day of the next period. Email or SMS credits are billed at the time of purchase. Invoices are directly available on your account.

How does loyalty system work?

It is a tool developed for businesses to enable them to manage their loyalty program in a very simple way using a tablet, a mobile application and physical or virtual loyalty cards. Do you have a business? Contact us at [email protected] to activate your account.

Do you have another question?

Contact us on [email protected] and or via the chat window on the right and we will answer all your questions.